The first Display module prototype (apart from the ones I did on a solderless breadboard) is being built on 90 x 70 mm veroboard.

Needed parts:

  • Veroboard
  • 6 pcs 788BS LED Matrix
  • 24 pcs Resistors 220 ohms
  • 5 pcs SN74HC595
  • 6 pin connector
  • wires

Having underestimated the needed size of the veroboard, I ordered 90 x 70 mm veroboard. I cannot fit all the components on one 90 x 70 mm veroboard, so I am placing the 6 LED matrices and the 24 resistors for the columns. On another 90 x 70 mm veroboard will be the SN74HC595s and the 6 pin connector to the Core module.

The two veroboards will be placed on top of each other and connected with ribbon cable.

This is a Work in Progress and specifications may change!

Here is a few pictures of the board so far:

Topside with the 6 788BS led matrices:

20161028 212512


Underside with the first 3 columns soldered:

20161028 212425

As you can see, I need to practice soldering a lot :-)


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