Using an Micro Controller and different means of displays Kaddu Klock is a project that displays time and possibly other useful information.

I started this project back in 2014 using an Arduino Nano clone and some 7 segment displays. This first instance of the project existed only on a solderless breadboard.

For the second instance I started to use 8 x 8 matrix LED blocks, still utilising an Arduino Nano clone as the computing force. This was initally on a solderless breadboard, but I also tried to solder a veroboard version up. I never managed to get the latter version working.

I have also been working on an OLED based version this time with an ESP8266 as the brains

The latest version is the Kaddu Klock Giant. This will use a D1 mini (clone) as the brains, a 3D printed body with large 3D printed 7 segments being lit by LEDs.

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