As I wrote over a year ago in the article I want to be a 3D Printing Noob ?!? I really, really wanted to get a 3D printer, so that I could get started on 3D printing, more than just when I had the opportunity to print at FabLab Spinderihallerne, maybe once a week, when I had the time to go there. So I was looking for a cheap 3D printer to own myself.

Luckily a friend had this used Printrbot Simple Metal for sale:

my printrbot simple metal

This is not the latest in 3D printing, neither it is the biggest or fastest 3D printer, but it is mine :-)

So far I have only printed PLA on it, but the bed is heated, so it should be possible to try out other filament types.

I have had this baby for some time now, and have made a few add-ons to it. One being the filament spool holder on top of the Z-axis glide rods. I found this design by user danmar on Thingiverse (Thingiverse thing:577039) and printed and mounted it. It has served me really well.

I have designed and printed a few things myself, mainly in Fusion 360. I will add articles about some of these designs in the future.

I have planned a few upgrades for this printer, the first being removing the BuildTak sheet on the build plate as it has a few holes and replacing it with a SpiderFlexiPlate that I recently bought from 3DEksperten.dka Danish 3D printer, accesories and filament vendor. Stay tuned for an article about that upgrade!

buildtak bed surfacespiderflexiplate

Other upgrades in the pipeline is to modify the cooling fan setup.

I have moved the cooling fan to the outside of its mount as it assembly gets caught on the printer houising everytime it autolevels with the Y-axis on the top. Having done that the fan duct is now too far away from the hotend, and it is even less effective in cooling the extruded filament, especially on the right hand side of the extruder.

At some point, I would like to upgrade the fan itself, to a fan akin the one in this Thingiverse Printrbot Simple Metal Improved High Flow Fan Blower Upgrade Printrbot Simple Metal Improved High Flow Fan Blower Upgrade by SpannerHands but for now I will just use his fan duct.

This printer does have a MicroSD slot but no screen, so it cannot do stand-alone prints without a screen upgrade. I am planning on setting up an OctoPi, which is a Raspberry Pi running OctoPrint, a web interface for 3D printers.

Stay tuned for more articles on my 3D printing endeavours!

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