Absense ... but hopefully coming back soon!!!

Hi all!

If you have followed this blog, you will know, that I have been absent for quite some time now - actually the latest post was on the 24th of March 2019, almost 3 months ago. This was not planned at all, it just happened. Too many things happening in my work life as well as in my private life.

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My favourite mugs

In our house, none of us drinks Coffee. But we do drink a lot of Tea. Usually Black Tea with Milk ("English Tea" to us). I prefer Ty-phoo Tea, but PG Tips is ok as well.

So I have a few go to mugs that I prefer. So without further ado this is my (current) list:

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I want to be a 3D Printing Noob ?!?

I really, really want to be a 3D Printing Noob. Not that I want to stay one. I just want to get started on 3D Printing. Or rather, I would like to have my own 3D printer.

I have had a few tries (2) at 3D printing items, at publicly available printers, but it would be really, really nice to have my own 3D printer. That is what this blog will be about. How to find and buy the right 3D printer (for me) with the funds I have available. 

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I am not a gardener ...

Ask anyone ...   I have always said that I am not a gardener. I like sitting in a garden, enjoying the grass, the flowers, the butterflies. I enjoy the sounds, sights and smells of a garden. But I am not among those, who think weeding is therapeutic, even fun. Far from it.

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