As you may have read in part one, my computer story started with a Commodore 64. Through a friend, who had an Amiga 1000 I was introduced to the Amiga world. As I remember, he later got both an Amiga 500 and Amiga 2000. He actually had an Atari ST as well.

If you have yet to read part one, you can read it here: My Commodore history - part one: Commodore 64

After having saved up the necessary funds, I bought an Amiga 500. I had bought a Philips CM8833-II monitor for the Commodore 64 that I could use for the Amiga 500. Joysticks for the C64 works fine with the Amigas so I could use them without problems. I do not remember which year, I actually bought my Amiga 500 but as you may know it was released in 1987. Mine had a Kickstart 1.3 which was released in 1988 so that will be the earliest date, I could have bought it.

Later I changed from the Amiga 500 to an ECS Amiga 2000 with Kickstart 2.04 that I upgraded little by little with a Hardcard - a SCSI Harddisk controller with a harddrive attached, and a PC-AT 286 card, that meant that I could run Windows AT compatible software. At some point I bought an Amiga CD32

I mainly used both my Commodore 64 and my Amigas for playing games, but I also did programming on both platforms. On the Amigas I programmed mainly in C and a little Assembly Code.

My favourite kind of games were Simulations of different kinds for instance the line of simulators from Microprose: Silent Service, Hunt for Red October, F117A, F19 Stealth Fighter, Gunship, etc. But also Urban simulators like SimCity, A-Train and Battle Stations! Another main game genre for me was racing games: Outrun, Lotus Esprit Turbo Challenge, etc. And then I played Golf and Football Manager games a lot all the way back from Football Manager and Leaderboard Golf on the C64.

At some point I went on to studying Computer Science and the platform here was IBM PCs compatibles. At school we had Intel 80186 based Siemens PCs and were programming in Turbo Pascal, C and Cobol. When Commodore went bust in 1994 and after Escom also went bust in 1996, I finally switched to PCs and some time after this I got rid of my Amigas then an A2000 and a CD32. A decision I have regretted and thus try to rectify...

Stay tuned for My Commodore history - part three: Back to the Amiga

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