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Kaddu Creations - A Creative look on life

Clay Hanging Flower Pots

These Clay Hanging Flower Pots are a decorative way of displaying your beautiful flowers both inside and outside. They will enhance your home and your flowers! Add your favourite kind of cord, ribbon or string to the bowl and a suitable plant or flower and add beautiful greenery where you will enjoy it most!

Cream Jug and Sugar Bowl – Work in Progress

Cream Jug and Sugar Bowl

This Ceramic Cream Jug and Sugar Bowl set is a part of my new ceramic line. They are to complement the Mug I also have done. In the above picture they have only been molded and dried and are now ready for their first trip into the ceramic oven – hopefully with a couple of […]

Clay Mugs

I have made these clay mugs with the Slab Technique. They are a part of a new line of ceramics from Kaddu Creations. The picture above is before the mugs have been coloured and fired. Currently due to the COVID19 pandemic we have yet to fire these. In this series is also our Cream Jug […]