Workbench 2.1 Productivity setup - part 2: Preparing the Floppy Disks

With modern computers we are used to have storage built into the device, sometimes even cloud-based storage. But back in 1985 when the Amiga was born, storage was usually on Floppy disks.

This is part two of this project where we will prepare the floppy disks that we are going to need to build ourselves a Productivity setup on a standard Amiga 500.

This is a Work-in-Progress. please check the changelog for further details

I have a set of Amiga OS 2.05 floppy disks and a set of Amiga OS 2.1 floppies. As these are some that I have acquired, I can not be certain that they have not been altered by their original owner(s) but by having these, I feel that I have a proper license for both versions. The Commodore branded ROM I have is a Kickstart 2.04 (V. 37.175). In order to get floppies as close to the original, I have found a set of ADF files for each of the 2.1 floppies, that I will be using as a basis for this project.


I have my Gotek in the external drive (DF1:) and a real 880 KB Floppy drive internally (DF0:) With copies of the 2.1 floppies on the USB stick plugged into the Gotek drive I made a copy of the Workbench 2.1 floppy onto a new 3.5" Floppy. In my case I am actually using a DSHD floppy disk. The internal drive cannot handle the HD size but it seems to accept this disk as a DSDD 880 KB Amiga Floppy.

I am using XCopy to copy the image of the Workbench 2.1 ADF file onto the physical floppy:

I am also preparing an empty ADF file to hold the first productivity programs:

This floppy we will rename to Productivity 2.1 Programs (we may rename this later if/when we get multiple floppies holding software).

I have prepared the following list of ADF files in the Gotek system setup:

(screenshot of Gotek boot setup)

Now we are all set for booting our Productivity 2.1 system up:

Now lets look closer at the boot floppy - on to part 3: (To Be Continued) 

This is part 2 of several (planned) parts. Here is an overview of the parts:

  • Workbench 2.1 Productivity setup - part 1: introduction
  • Part 2: Preparing the Floppy disks (this part)
  • Part 3: Optimising the boot floppy - what to include and what to leave out or move off the Workbench floppy?
  • Part 4: Selecting the applications
    • Part 5: Word processor
    • Part 6: Spreadsheet
    • Part 7: Database
  • Part 10: Development
    • Part 11: Assembly programming
    • Part 12: C and C++ programming



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