Amiga News Week 35/2019

These are the Amiga News, I noticed this past week (August 26th to September 1st)

27C400/27C800 EPROM emulator

Mid July an Exxos Forum regular cmorley posted a message with a picture of his prototype for a 27C400/27C800 EPROM emulator. It is programmable through a USB Serial connection while still sitting in the hardware it functions with.

This could be an Amiga or Atari ST, but also other 8-bit or 16-bit legacy gear that would use an EPROM for any use, like Drum machines.

This device would be able to store 2 x 27C800 images or 4 x 27C400 images (a total of 16 Mbit) that would be selectable through what he describes as a reset line or top side pads. Programming (or "flashing") the EPROM could be done "in place" but with the hardware it is used being switched off.

Mid August cmorley has posted a picture in the thread showing the emulator prototype in place in an A500 Rev 5 motherboard reporting a basic but functioning firmware. There are initial alpha testers, including the father of the TFxxx cards Stephen Leary aka terriblefire.

The thread for 27C400/27C800 EPROM emulator is available at