New Amiga section is now online

We are very happy and very proud to present to you our new Amiga section on JanHolbo!

Those that have been on the site the previous couple of days may already have noticed two Commodore Amiga related articles My Commodore history - part one: Commodore 64 and My Commodore history - part two: Commodore Amiga.

Today is the official launch of the whole section through publishing My Commodore history - part three: Back to the Amiga and a general overview of the physical and virtual Amiigas I own in My Commodore Amigas.

This section will in time have articles about the Commodore Amiga, its software and hardware as well as the community around this retro computer. There will also be articles about projects related to Amigas in general as well as my specific projects. I already have a few projects planned an overview you can read more about in My Commodore history - part three: Back to the Amiga.