Kaddu Klock

Using an Micro Controller and different means of displays Kaddu Klock is a project that displays time and possibly other useful information.

I started this project back in 2014 using an Arduino Nano clone and some 7 segment displays. This first instance of the project existed only on a solderless breadboard.

For the second instance I started to use 8 x 8 matrix LED blocks, still utilising an Arduino Nano clone as the computing force. This was initally on a solderless breadboard, but I also tried to solder a veroboard version up. I never managed to get the latter version working.

I have also been working on an OLED based version this time with an ESP8266 as the brains

The latest version is the Kaddu Klock Giant. This will use a D1 mini (clone) as the brains, a 3D printed body with large 3D printed 7 segments being lit by LEDs.

Kaddu Klock OLED prototype

The Kaddu Klock project has been dormant for quite some time due to time constraints, but now something new is happening!

Introducing the breadboard prototype of an OLED version of the Kaddu Klock:

kaddu klock oled breadboard


Kaddu Klock Modular Design - Display Module - Prototype 1

The first Display module prototype (apart from the ones I did on a solderless breadboard) is being built on 90 x 70 mm veroboard.

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Kaddu Klock Modular Design

The Kaddu Klock is modular by design, making expanding and development easier.

The main (required) modules are:

  • Display module
  • Core module
  • Power module

Other possible expansions could be

  • Real Time Clock (RTC) module
  • GPS module (for time and possibly zonal position)
  • Radio module (e.g. DCF77)
  • WiFi module

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Kaddu Klock

Kaddu Klock is a little Arduino/Atmel based clock project. It is being prototyped using an Arduino Nano clone but should work with both the Arduino Uno and Mega platforms and their derivativs.

In the long run I plan to make this into a multi-coloured LED matrix display clock, possibly with Internet and Radio control connectivity.

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