Problems with print sticking to the Print Bed.

You do not have to be an expert 3D modeler to have something worthwhile to print. There are sites where you can download printable 3D models for free and there are sites where you can buy (and sell) 3D models for printing. A good place to find models for free is Thingiverse.



I while ago I noticed some 3D printed Mystery eggs a bit akin to those that you can get from chocolate eggs, only these were 3D printed. Looking closer for those, I discovered that the designer has put them on Thingiverse, ready to download and print.

The designers name is Stian Ervik Wahlvaag and on Thingiverse he has named his user agepbiz. You can find agepbiz' profile on Thingiverse here.

We have grand children and I wanted to print one of these for our grandson who is going to visit us this coming weekend.

3D Printing is often about trial and error, and today I have had my share of trials and errors. If you follow my Instagram account (@JanHolbo), you may already have seen the posts about the failed prints.

As I am writing this I am running yet another attempt at printing one of Stian's Eggs. Straight off the bat let me state that I firmly believe that my failures has nothing to do with the quality of Stian's Designs. It is rather an issue with my printer or rather the calibration of it. The main problem is to get the eggs to stick to the print platform.

With a little help from one of the Danish 3D printing Facebook Groups and through comments by agepbiz on Instagram, I finally managed to get the Surprise Egg No. 1 and Truck printed: