This is a Commercial/Govermental Building Lego MOC Carol designed and built in March 2010.

Commercial Building - Front View

Front View

Commercial Building - Front top view

Top Front View


This building has a Govermental office on the ground level and a Café/Restaurant on the top floor/deck.

Lego Commercial Building - Sideview

Side View


On the Ground Floor You see the entrance to the Government Office. The lion heads portrays Dignity and Strength. Inside there is a counter, where people get served by the governmental staff.

Front View - Groud Floor


Here's a view of the inside of the Govenment office:

Government Office - Inside view

Behind the counter three government official are ready to process the enquiries and requests of the general public. In the area for the general public there us a little seating/waiting area and a single potted plant.


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