This Lego MOC House is built and designed by Carolyne and Isaac. They have each built and rebuilt different areas of the house.

It is built on a 48 x 48 stud light gray baseplate. The house is two stories house with an internal staircase to the side.


20170119 114008

This is the front of the house

20170119 114004

20170119 114023Notice the Mailbox and the two shrubs and the lamps. This family also has a little puppy.







Ground Floor


On the ground floor is an open plan kitchen and dining room, front room and toilet

20170119 114114

The kitchen has a double sink, worktop on three sides, a hub, and a fridge. The door on the right is to the stairwell, that leads upstairs. The door on the left is the back door. 

20170119 114120

The dining area with 4 seats.

20170119 114137

The front room with the flat screen on the wall, a lamp in the corner, next to the upright piano, a coffee table and a lounge sofa.

20170119 114129

20170119 114158 









And lastly a toilet

20170119 114134

Here is the stairway to the 1st floor

20170119 114109

First Floor

20170119 114252



The first floor has an office/spare bedroom

20170119 114303

The master bedroom

20170119 114335


20170119 114144

20170119 114351










Second bedroom or Childrens bedroom

20170119 114359

Main Bathroom

20170119 114421


20161028 214723

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