Lego MOC House 2

This Lego MOC House is built and designed by Carolyne and Isaac. They have each built and rebuilt different areas of the house.

It is built on a 48 x 48 stud light gray baseplate. The house is two stories house with an internal staircase to the side.

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Lego Buggy

This Lego Buggy was designed and built by Isaac in 2012:

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Lego Commercial Building

This is a Commercial/Govermental Building Lego MOC Carol designed and built in March 2010.

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Lego Dragster

This Dragster MOC was designed and built by Jan in 2015:

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Lego House

This House was built by Carolyne in 2010:

There's a party going on with cake and BBQ and people playing Football!

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