We find great inspiration from fellow Lego builders, and one of the good sources of inspiration are YouTube creators, that show off both Lego Official sets and their own creations (MOCs).

In this article I will share my Top 3 channels and why they are my favourites.


JangBricks is the YouTube channel I watch the most. It is also one of the most popular and productive Lego YouTube channels out there. At this writing, JangBricks has 740.699 subscribers and has published 3.209 videos. JangBricks has been around since late June 2010.

JangBricks makes reviews of the official Lego sets as well as builds and displays My Own Creations (MOCs). Another popular type of videos on his channels are the mail videos - videos of him opening his BrickLink and store buys.

His MOCs are of high quality and very detailed.

JangBricks is building his own Lego City - New Jang City - which includes most of the Lego Themes, including Lego Mindcraft. He has an entire room dedicated to New Jang City and Lego building.

JangBricks is very consciously a "Kid- and adult-friendly" (his own words) content provider, and maintains a good and friendly YouTube channel and a likewise website, also called JangBricks.

JangBricks also does Mega Construx (formerly Mega Blocs) reviews on this channel. We have seen a few videos on his Room 117, which is a Mega Construx Halo themed room.

Beyond the Brick

beyond the brick

Beyond the Brick has been around 2012 and hus currently 888 videos and 122.904 subscribers. Beyond the Brick goes to a lot of Lego conventions, mainly in the US, but also in other countries and produces high quality reports about different Lego builders' creation, seen on those Lego Gatherings. Thus they cover a lot of different ideas and themes and does them well. Definately a good source of inspiration.

Arduino Lego Trains

arduino lego trains

The last channel differs vastly from the first two, in that it is both fairly new (March 2015), only has 4.571 subscribers and 13 videos, and has a fairly narrow theme, that is Arduino controlled Lego Trains.

Despite the low subscription and video count, I think this will be an interesting YouTube Lego channel. Arduino Lego Trains is currently trying to crowdfund money in order to get more Lego and Arduino parts in order to build more Arduino controlled Lego projects to share with his subscribers. Check out his channel, watch the ads and perhaps even support his Patreon campaign, so that he can produce more videos!

What are your favourite Lego YouTube channels?



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