My Top 3 Lego YouTube channels

We find great inspiration from fellow Lego builders, and one of the good sources of inspiration are YouTube creators, that show off both Lego Official sets and their own creations (MOCs).

In this article I will share my Top 3 channels and why they are my favourites.

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Lego MOC House 2

This Lego MOC House is built and designed by Carolyne and Isaac. They have each built and rebuilt different areas of the house.

It is built on a 48 x 48 stud light gray baseplate. The house is two stories house with an internal staircase to the side.

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Lego Dragster

This Dragster MOC was designed and built by Jan in 2015:

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Lego Buggy

This Lego Buggy was designed and built by Isaac in 2012:

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Lego Commercial Building

This is a Commercial/Govermental Building Lego MOC Carol designed and built in March 2010.

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My Own Creations (MOCs)

My Own Creation or My Own Creations (MOCs) are 'sets' created by individual designers, and not Lego. Anything you build from your own imagination is a MOC.


These are all official Lego sets.


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