This is my 3D printer: Printrbot Simple Metal

As I wrote over a year ago in the article I want to be a 3D Printing Noob ?!? I really, really wanted to get a 3D printer, so that I could get started on 3D printing, more than just when I had the opportunity to print at FabLab Spinderihallerne, maybe once a week, when I had the time to go there. So I was looking for a cheap 3D printer to own myself.

Luckily a friend had this used Printrbot Simple Metal for sale:

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What is 3D Printing?

3D printing is now available to many people. If they do not have a 3D Printer themselves, they will have access to one, either through friends, libraries, schools, universities or through Fablabs or Makerspaces.

But what is it? What makes it unique? What can I use it for? Is it just fun and games or can it be used in a serious, financial succesfull venture?

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Kaddu Klock OLED prototype

The Kaddu Klock project has been dormant for quite some time due to time constraints, but now something new is happening!

Introducing the breadboard prototype of an OLED version of the Kaddu Klock:

kaddu klock oled breadboard


Heart-shaped box designed and printed in 3D (WIP)

As I am trying to become a 3D printing Noob, I am practicing both 3D design in Autodesk Fusion 360 and 3D printing my designs. I made a fairly simple Heart-shaped box for my wife.

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Kaddu Klock

Using an Micro Controller and different means of displays Kaddu Klock is a project that displays time and possibly other useful information.

I started this project back in 2014 using an Arduino Nano clone and some 7 segment displays. This first instance of the project existed only on a solderless breadboard.

For the second instance I started to use 8 x 8 matrix LED blocks, still utilising an Arduino Nano clone as the computing force. This was initally on a solderless breadboard, but I also tried to solder a veroboard version up. I never managed to get the latter version working.

I have also been working on an OLED based version this time with an ESP8266 as the brains

The latest version is the Kaddu Klock Giant. This will use a D1 mini (clone) as the brains, a 3D printed body with large 3D printed 7 segments being lit by LEDs.

Kaddu Klock Modular Design - Display Module - Prototype 1

The first Display module prototype (apart from the ones I did on a solderless breadboard) is being built on 90 x 70 mm veroboard.

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